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Design Week Portland: Reimagining Lovejoy Fountain

This past Tuesday, Second Story, along with six other design studios and artists, had the privilege of participating in an exhibition called Revolution in the Landscape: Re-experience Halprin’s Fountains. Hosted by SEGD as part of Design Week Portland, the event

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“Digital Revolution” in London

With its post-apocalyptic looks and lost bits of nature, London’s Barbican Estate deserves a blog post all its own, but I wanted to share my experience with “Digital Revolution,” a unique exhibition hosted in its depths at the Barbican Centre.

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An Alternate (Augmented) Reality

We’ve been experimenting with augmented reality in our lab recently and have developed a mobile experience that overlays content depending on the observer’s perspective. Our goal was to make a simple and clean demonstration of how digital information can augment

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Balancing Spectacle with the Everyday

In a passage from John Thackara’s book, In The Bubble: Designing in a Complex World, he takes a critical stance against place marketing and describes his vision for an alternative, more sustainable approach to the design of cities: “A sustainable

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Shape of Story

Movie-goers with varied expectations gathered at The Hollywood Theatre earlier this month for Shape of Story, an interactive screening to spark conversation. Visual and interaction designers were curious as the event was among Design Week Portland’s extensive programming. Journalists, multimedia

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On Light & Lyt

As has been pretty well documented, we recently had the opportunity to work with Intel’s new Galileo development board to create a neat little prototype lighting product/experience for the Maker Faire Rome. The technology story is a compelling one, as it highlights

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Report from Siggraph

This year’s Siggraph delivered again with the best collection of creative artists, engineers and scientists that a conference could attract. The emerging technology wowed us, the presentations inspired us, and we left, as always, with a renewed sense of hope

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Creating Constellation: Constraints and Collaboration

Donald Richardson is a Systems Developer at Second Story. Here he chronicles his experience working on the Constellations project we recently completed for SapientNitro. Second Story was approached by SapientNitro with an opportunity to create an …

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Launching Satellite

The typical interactive surface does very little to engage our very fine touch senses. Our fingers reach out and find smooth glass, rather than objects. Finding new ways to integrate tangible interaction into digital experiences has long been a go…

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Creativity in Motion

It began with a full-studio, open brainstorm and ended ten days later with a 40-foot-long, floor-to-ceiling interactive sculpture. The studio was alive with an interdisciplinary effort that combined the analog (sewing, model-making, silk-screening…

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