Testing an illustration style

Finding just the right style for a project can be a tricky thing be it type, color or mood. We knew that we wanted the New York Botanical Plant Hunters website to feel immersive, but just how we went about that was open to interpretation. The idea of illustrating the different biomes in the conservatory was something that appealed to our team early on. I was excited about challenge of drawing the gardens and went to work preparing an illustration test.

The two main goals were to find a style that resonated with both the Second Story and New York Botanical teams and determine how feasible it would be to implement the illustrations three thousand miles away from where the photographs would be taken.

Using photographs taken from an earlier trip out to the Gardens as a reference, I created a line under-drawing to understand what was going on in the fore, middle and backgrounds. I tinted these drawings to 10% cyan, printed them on bristol and then created a finished drawing with brush.

The final ink drawing was then scanned and the cyan dropped out of the image. Coloring was applied in photoshop.

Both teams liked the final illustration and we decided to go forward and illustrate the rest of the site. A photographer was dispatched to take panoramas of the different rooms in the conservatory.

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