Siggraph 2010: Just me and 30,000 colleagues

It’s that siggraph time of year again. Just me and 30,000 of my favorite colleagues. Marathon days and an unprecidented combination of amazement, humility and inspiration.

I feel like I’m approaching the status of veteran, here. What has it been? Is this My 7th? 8th? nah there are guys here that have been attending for twice that long. And more. Since before Toy Story *gasp*!

Day one started early Sunday in Portland, ended late at some Greek restaurant near the hotel in LA. Staying at a hotel that is walking distance from the convention center is really nice, but I doubt ill be seeing anymore of the hotel room than usual. Just nice. (and I could swear that I was woken up by gunshots at some of the hotels ive stayed in while attending siggraph in LA). Not here, walking is a real viable solution. I think.

Seems to me there are a lot more internationals than previously? Maybe that’s just more the makeup of the crowds on siggraph Sundays. Listening to all the languages being spoken gives you an appreciation for the conference. A lot of people have come a really long way to be a part of this.

And it is crowded. Or is there less space? The convention center somehow feels smaller than ever. The emerging tech space is way too tight. Seriously – it was like a subway platform in Tokyo. Or maybe it was more like a concert crowd. Its dark there, photos are near impossible.

My little blackberry is the my lifeline. Wish I brought the iPad, now.

The air is electric. Twitter feeds are hyper. Its siggraph 2010.


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