Microsoft’s Kinect, with it’s relative low cost and easy accessibility has opened up the world of 3d vision sensing to a whole new group of developers. While professional stereo vision cameras may provide a more versatile solution, the thousands of dollars difference in price make the Kinect a compelling alternative. What makes it really awesome is that there are open-source drivers for Window, Mac and Linux allowing developers to create new uses for the device, including us. For those that don’t know, the Kinect is officially a gaming controller for Microsofts Xbox 360. It consists of several sensors, most notable a Color Camera and a “Depth” or “3D” Camera.

Here are some resources if you want to get in on development:
the Open Kinect Project:

A nice c# wrapper: (windows only?)

Open Frameworks and Kinect. (Linux and Mac only)

Cinder and Kinect (OS X only?)

Here are some of the projects that have impressed us or have a relevance to us as a studio:

Finger tracking.

People tracking.

This one is a favorite.

Flying Kinect.
I have no idea how we’d use this. Perhaps delivering coffee to the developers?


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