Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft unveiled their next iteration on their Surface “table”.

The Surface 2 is a 40” multitouch LCD screen. Microsoft integrated novel technology previously code named “second light” that uses the LCD pixels as input device. This is kind of like turning the full screen into a 1920×1080 scanner.

We are interested in this type of technology for use in multi user experience like we built for the Grammy Museum:

The Surface can also recognize objects placed on it making it interesting to evolve projects like the Holocene Minigolf experience we built early this year:

The 40” screen is a bit small for a true multi user multi touch experience, however it is the best experience at this size. It costs $7600, this includes the PC hardware that runs Windows 7. The brightness, viewing angle and operational simplicity of an LCD at this price is a very compelling proposition compared to “off the shelf” products, this pricepoint is near unbeatable for a custom built table.

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