Analyzing Chocolate

At Second Story, we are proud of our ability to organize and synthesize massive amounts of client data and content. It’s our job to understand the particulars as well as see the big picture, and to transmute raw data and content into vivid interactive experiences. This process requires a dynamic balance of thoughtful, analytic research techniques and bold creative thinking. No matter which way this balance leans, it takes serious effort and serious brain power. So in case anyone was wondering, we are a pretty wacky bunch.

Case in point. I was heading back to my desk when the folks in the adjacent pod asked if I wanted to join them for a chocolate tasting.


But this wasn’t just breaking open a bar and handing a few pieces out to your friends. This was content and user experience research at their highest levels.


Pens and paper were present. Notes were taken. Even now as I write, I can hear them behind me deep in conversation like a team of researchers in the field describing phenomena that have never been experienced before.

“Like Cocoa-powdered grass.”

“Yeah. Grassy”

“Hints of lemongrass.”

“This is the raspberry creamed corn of chocolate.”

“I like the texture. It’s sharp.”

(this is followed by a chorus of “Mmmhmm”s)

“This one tastes flatter. A more lateral presentation.”


When I asked for more of their thoughts, my co-workers assured me they would type up their notes and then asked if I wanted them in PDF form or sent via email. Shortly thereafter, a small debate erupted over whether the chocolate tasting notes should adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Sometimes I think we should all just go out together and do something that none of us are good at. Like roller-skating.

By the way, the unanimous winner was the Scharffen Berger Extra Dark 82% Cacao.

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David Waingarten – Content Ninja


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