Best Interactive Technologies from CES 2012

Engineer Matt Arnold attended CES 2012 and returned with a briefcase full of interesting impressions, which he shared with the studio this week. Here’s a list of the most promising interactive technologies he experienced at the conference.


3M Multitouch Displays. Excited about the product demonstrations that 3M brought to the show—especially the 27 inch multitouch screen. In addition to the usual 3M projected capacitive touch technology (one of our favorites), this new display features bonded glass for an improved picture, higher resolution screen (2560×1440) and the promise of a powerful touch API from Mosaiqq


Samsung SUR40 (Microsoft Surface 2). Samsung’s SUR40 holds great promise with a completely new way of sensing touch and featuring some of the best multitouch sensitivity we’ve seen to date. Now those on-screen keyboards are starting to make sense. But will it perform as promised?


MultiTaction Cell 55”. MultiTouch brought their new 55” MultiTaction Cells for everyone to play with. We love that size—now we can fit four people comfortably around a table without bezels! Let’s not forget to take note of the fact that their multitouch display worked well under the house lights in the exhibit area unlike some of the other technologies we saw!


OLED Displays. It was hard to miss the 55” OLED display technology displayed at both the LG and Samsung booth’s which stole the show with jaw dropping colors, brightness and viewing angles. Can’t wait to make a tiled wall out of these!


Connect to Life. Really enjoyed playing with Stimulant’s “Connect to Life Experience” incorporated into Intel’s booth. What’s not to like about creating your own microbes?



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