Uncharted Territory

This past weekend, Second Story created a reactive media experience for the TEDx Portland afterparty at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. For one night only, partygoers charted new landscapes from their movements. That day, TEDx Portland had presented a slate of presenters, all speaking on the theme “Uncharted Territory.”

This theme had great resonance to us here in Portland. Inspired by the iconic imagery of the Cascade Range and the dramatic skies that comes with our wonderful weather, we designed an experience that combined the solid and the fluid, the physical and the ephemeral.

The physical installation consisted of a large free-standing wall made of repeated cardboard shapes. A translucent white fabric wrapped the structure and then rose up, stretching for 45 feet over partygoers’ heads, like a billowing sail or snow blowing off the top of a mountain.

As partygoers danced in front of the wall, they saw their own bodies become landscapes, which flowed up, becoming more abstract with time and distance. Depth sensing cameras picked up the movements, transforming raw data into generative graphics.

Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes video, coming later this week.

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