One Way Ticket: BOS to PDX

Next stop: Portland. The Pacific Northwest. The Other Side of the Country. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. All names for the same place, if you’ve never been to Oregon before. (And fording a herd of oxen across the river doesn’t count.)

That was me, up until about a month ago, before I made the cross-country move from Boston to Portland to work at Second Story.

Like any wise researcher presented with a big decision, I turned to the experts for insight: my friends who watch Portlandia.

“It’s kind of like Brooklyn, but better.”
“It rains . . . A LOT.”
“Get a bike. You’re going to need it.”

Hipsters? Works for me. Rain? Couldn’t possibly be worse than a Nor’easter. Biking? In Boston, the odds of being run over by an angry Massachusetts driver are pretty darn high. Needless to say, I was skeptical about biking.

Sometimes you just run with it. You trust your Portlandia-watching friends (and other people who’ve actually been to Portland), your gut instinct, a new opportunity, and go. So I moved. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier I did.

A Few Portland Observations 

Craftsman Houses: Portland homes are reminiscent of fairytale cottages: charming, quirky, and wonderfully colorful.


Recycling: I’ve read the official recycling manual from front to back. Captain Planet would be proud of PDX.


Gardens: I’ve seen just about every kind of plant species known to man growing in the gardens of Northeast Portland. This seems to go hand in hand with an overwhelming fondness for terrariums.


Biking: After only one week in this bicycle paradise, I took the plunge and bought a bike. Carless roads, tree-lined streets, and a couple of chickens clucking at me as I go past. What more could I want? This is home.

—Sarah Henderson, Designer (and illustrator of the above)


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