Studio Dog Showcase

Here at Second Story, we certainly consider ourselves to be “dog people.” Our studio canines are essential to our culture and an important part of our every day, from walks around our North Portland neighborhood to the ever-present click-clack of nails on the hardwood floor to the occasional playful ruckus (often provoked by mischievous humans).

We present below a showcase of the studio pooches, brought to life through the magic of gifs and the persuasion of dog treats.

Abby belongs to senior producer Heather Daniel. When she isn’t in the studio, Abby can be found riding around Portland on a trailer connected to Heather’s bicycle. Abby embodies Heather’s competitive spirit, excelling at ball-chasing, monopolizing unguarded water dishes, and maximizing belly-rubs.

Uni belongs to founders Brad Johnson and Julie Beeler. The largest dog in the studio, Uni is not immune to innate Rhodesian Ridgeback behaviors such as showing affection by walking between your legs (short people, you’ve been warned). Uni’s reputation precedes her, notorious for dumpster-diving and sneakily stealing your lunch.

Herman belongs to finance manager Fay Savage. He is an old soul that younger, spunkier dogs can usually encourage to play. A devoted companion, Herman is happiest lounging by Fay’s desk, but he will follow her wherever she goes. He can often be found waiting patiently at the studio’s front door for his human to return.

Nebula belongs to senior interactive developer Donny Richardson. Nebs is a rare sight, a special guest making in-studio cameos from time to time. Another veteran dog, she manages to keep up with Donny’s antics (something few humans can do!) while tolerating his bear hugs with grace and composure.

Taco, our youngest and tiniest studio dog, belongs to interaction designer Marc Lehman. Marc’s new pup has the spirit and spunk of a full-grown canine. Taco is always picking up new tricks, such as “karate chopping” other dogs, and he melts the heart of every employee in the studio.

Rusko belongs to junior experience designer Kirsten Southwell. Rusko is an excitable and social pup-sko with a wide range of expressions, most of which are different forms of happy. He is also very impressionable, recently taking up habits such as digging holes and eating dirt.

Sir Walter Pancakes belongs to content strategist Alyssa Glass. Walter’s desire for belly rubs overpowers his ability to stand. If you so much as approach him, he immediately flops onto his back waiting for scratches. Alyssa affectionately compares his size to that of a loaf of bread.

— Kirsten Southwell, Jr. Experience Designer 


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