Report from Siggraph

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This year’s Siggraph delivered again with the best collection of creative artists, engineers and scientists that a conference could attract. The emerging technology wowed us, the presentations inspired us, and we left, as always, with a renewed sense of hope and excitement about the state of the industry.

At the heart of the conference are the papers and courses offered. This year, the ideas and advances presented provided unique insights into the latest graphics technologies and methods used by those in the gaming and entertainment industry. Some of our favorites came from well seasoned Siggraph presenters such as Ramesh Raskar (MIT Media Lab) and his presentation on Femto-Photography, while others surprised us with simple yet powerful new advances in programming libraries such as Intel’s Marco Salvi. These are just two of dozens of amazing presenters that we witnessed first hand.

The technology and hardware demonstrated at the Emerging Technologies lab and even in the Exhibits this year left us buzzing with fresh ideas and solutions. Disney Research wowed us with their haptic feedback demo, and Microsoft Research provided a live demo of their IllumiRoom which blew us away (it’s one of those things you have to see to believe). My favorite was the simple interactive “TransWall” from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology which put a new collaborative twist on a reactive touch wall with a transparent display and dual-sided touch interface.

Now we return to our creative efforts in the studio with confidence that the graphics industry is continuously charging ahead and will continue to deliver technology that will be exciting and applicable. We can’t wait to incorporate the technology advances we saw into the experiences we create to inspire others in the same way that Siggraph inspires us.

— Matt Arnold, Lead Integration Engineer


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