Unboxing the Kinect for Windows v2


Kinect for Windows v2

We started experimenting with the Kinect for Windows v2 from Microsoft this week and are already excited by the new possibilities that this impressive new depth-sensing camera offers. Mechanically, the camera is a bit larger and bulkier than we would like, but it also features a tripod mount adapter (threaded insert) which will go a long way towards helping us incorporate the sensor into different environments.

Among the many improvements, we quickly found that the new camera was able to sense just about as many people as we could fit in the (expanded) camera’s field of view. Tracking has also improved, allowing skeletal data to be sensed in a variety of poses (sitting, prone). We’re also excited by the new level of detail captured in each pose which includes basic hand and finger tracking.

The depth image returned by the camera is also showing significant improvements in speed and image fidelity. This type of depth data allows for the capture of image details previously unattainable with the Kinect.


Raw depth image from the K4W

As we continue to experiment with and adopt the technologies that the future is bringing, we couldn’t help but take pause to thank the engineers and scientists at Microsoft who made this one possible. It is technologies like this that enable us to create new and inspiring experiences.

With that, we leave you with this final message for this season:


— Matt Arnold, Lead Integration Engineer


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