Mobile Depth-Sensing

From the Protecting the Secret interactive at the Vault of the Secret Formula exhibit to the Connections Wall at the Emerging Issues Commons, Second Story regularly uses Kinect and other similar technologies to create dynamic content based on sensing where users are in physical space. In the past, the mobile use of these sensors has been restricted by their need to be tethered to powerful “desktop” CPUs; we’ve had to use USB signal extenders and dedicated wiring to mitigate these constraints.

But developments in computing are giving us enhanced flexibility. The latest ARM processors are small, portable, and powerful, and we’ve been experimenting with using them to process depth data right from the sensor’s location.

The processors can be powered over CAT-5 Ethernet or even battery (depending on the use case) which makes deployment easy, and they automatically start working as soon as they’re powered on, eliminating the need for an external display. Using available bandwidth, they can send data over WiFi or regular CAT-5 to more powerful CPUs that do data interpretation.

The sky’s the limit with these little guys. We can’t wait to explore the possibilities.

— Sorob Louie, Interactive Developer


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