Design Week Portland: Reimagining Lovejoy Fountain

Second Story's installation at Lovejoy Fountain for Design Week Portland

This past Tuesday, Second Story, along with six other design studios and artists, had the privilege of participating in an exhibition called Revolution in the Landscape: Re-experience Halprin’s Fountains. Hosted by SEGD as part of Design Week Portland, the event aimed to showcase local designers and reactivate Lawrence Halprin’s Open Space Sequence. Second Story was asked to bring the Lovejoy Fountain to life.

The Halprin Open Spaces Sequence is one of the most important pieces of late 20th century public art in the US and the Lovejoy Fountain is a hidden gem nestled between buildings, shops, and condos in downtown Portland. Our goal was to stay true to Halprin’s original intent of creating a space full of dichotomous interaction while highlighting the existing architecture and complimenting the late Modernist aesthetic in a cutting edge temporary installation.


After imagining many ways to activate the space, conducting physical testing, and visiting the fountain to consider the possibilities, we landed on a direction the whole studio could get behind. Using string, multiple light sources, and directional sound manipulation, we created an installation that would activate the fountain in a new way.

The following images offer a peak into what we created, but stay tuned for more in-depth documentation and behind the scenes footage!



— Adam Paikowsky, Lab Technician


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