Meet Second Story Atlanta

In 1994, Second Story was one person working out of an apartment in Berkeley. The flagship project and calling card was being delivered to prospective clients on a 3.5’’ floppy disk.

Today, we’re nearly seventy people across three studios and we’ve delivered more than 350 projects. Looking back, an evolutionary arc becomes visible; from online media, to installations, to the creation of spaces that braid story and technology together from concept to completion.

Hindsight is one way to see evolution. By blurring two decades of conversations, decisions, and projects together, a larger picture emerges of something we all contributed to, and none of us was in control of. Like evolution in the natural world, ours is a combination of tiny steps and unexpected leaps, triggered and shaped by the chaos of circumstance, honed through hard-fought successes and failures, driving toward a beautiful, collective unknown.

Enter Second Story Atlanta. This crew exemplifies the art of making evolution a conscious and daily practice. While their Lab provides the tools and space for sparks to fly, as this short film shows, the Lab itself is not the true catalyst. It’s simply a tool for a team with a voracious appetite for tipping points, actively choosing an ethos of collaborative exploration at every given moment.

Atlanta’s imagination, team spirit, and laughter are infectious. Personally, I love the way they champion and use the unexpected versus clinging to “the big idea.” Check out their work for Whole FoodsWorld of Coca-Cola, and Verizon, and enjoy AV Producer Vanessa Patchett’s inside look at the next chapter in the evolution of Second Story.

– David Waingarten, Creative Director


Second Story creates enchanting, informative, and entertaining media experiences with innovative technologies that empower connections to ideas.

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