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Weird Reality

For the past few months, we’ve been working away on a number of lab experiments that consider how virtual reality can be used in a museum context. We’ve been curious about how it can be social—simultaneously engaging small groups of

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Stepping into the Future of Collaborative Workspaces

While architectural forms are frequently fixed in space, new technology allows us to push and pull at the seams of our physical surroundings, shaping our conscious interactions and unconscious perceptions. Successful responsive environments meet the needs of their inhabitants through

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Common Place

If you’re looking for provocative opportunities for design, look at the boundaries between things. Find those points of intersection between two communities, two professional fields, or two ecosystems. Look in the places we share in common. These intersections give rise

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Being There

Imagine a place where buffalo, bighorn sheep and pronghorn antelope roam freely, sometimes just a few feet from your wide eyes. Where in the course of a single day, you can hike through towering granite spires, dive off sun-baked rocks

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Let’s Play!

Meaningful audience engagement is an experience designer’s ultimate goal. However, we are often designing for a very broad demographic, or—due to the novelty of many of our experiences—a demographic that we know very little about. So how do we design

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. Our studios in Portland, Atlanta, and New York are growing, our work is being recognized, and we have some very exciting projects on the horizon.  We can’t 3D print a

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Happy Accidents

Bugs. Gross, repulsive, aggravating—but not always. Sometimes, bugs come disguised as little helpers, useful warnings, or beautiful surprises. Every developer understands the need to deliver bug-free code, but, while striving to implement that perfect solution, a bug can sometimes unintentionally

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Responsive Environments: Denver Botanic Gardens

The result of calm technology is to put us at home, in a familiar place. When our periphery is functioning well we are tuned into what is happening around us, and so also to what is going to happen, and

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Here to There: What Happens When the Story Finds You?

At this year’s Tribeca Film Festival’s Interactive Playground—a gathering of panels, talks, and experiences—Second Story debuted Here to There, an experiment using wearable technology as a new medium for immersive storytelling. We were excited about creating an environment where we

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Creative Coding Art Workshop

As anyone in the creative industry can attest to, sometimes things get busy. Very busy. When things get busy, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. It’s easy for the “industry” in “creative industry” to loom

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