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Put a Bird in It

Last month during Design Week Portland, we had a great time taking part in WeMake’s “Put A Bird In It” competition. The challenge was simple: craft a birdhouse to be auctioned off to help support art and music education in Portland’s

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Everyone Needs a Good Listener: Theater as a Foundation for Interaction Paradigms

The last ten years have changed the way most people on the planet use, depend on and intuit technology. Advances in mobile devices and tablets have changed the expectations of users across the board. We have all learned a new

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Shape of Story

Movie-goers with varied expectations gathered at The Hollywood Theatre earlier this month for Shape of Story, an interactive screening to spark conversation. Visual and interaction designers were curious as the event was among Design Week Portland’s extensive programming. Journalists, multimedia

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To Dot or Not to Dot

A preview of our “100 Years of Design” website in honor of the AIGA’s centennial has recently gone live. The full experience, which will feature additional artifacts, interviews with legendary artists, and more, will be unveiled in January 2014, but the preview includes

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Storytelling Workshop: Using Fiction and Humor To Confront Emerging Challenges

Last month I had the pleasure of teaching a storytelling workshop to a group of students enrolled in the Collaborative Design MFA program at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA). The students in this program are focused on cultivating

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Mise en Scène and the Extra D

3D is fast becoming an expectation of how we want to consume media – a differentiator between old and new technologies and existing and emerging experience paradigms. The public is thoroughly embracing a shift towards media that offers a greater

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Historical Voices from North Carolina

Visitors to the Emerging Issues Commons may be drawn in by large-scale displays visualizing data, interactive tables enabling them to add their own suggestions for how to improve North Carolina’s future, or the voice of Governor Hunt greeting them from the

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Animated Graphics in the Mainstream

The importance of data and its display have been in the media of late. I’m thinking about the recent NY Times review of the Tesla S and CEO Elon Musk’s response to the negative press, complete with his own logs

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Do You See Data All Around You?

We’re fascinated by the intersection of big data and storytelling. Our culture is now supersaturated with colossal reams of information, and it’s all we can do to stay afloat and make sense of it all. There’s a demand for interpretation, and new t…

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Revealing Patterns in Sustainable Design

A case study exploring the development of Second Story’s iPad app for Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Last year, the Harvard Graduate School of Design approached us with a large red book called Ecological Urbanism—they were interested in tran…

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