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Creative Coding Art Workshop

As anyone in the creative industry can attest to, sometimes things get busy. Very busy. When things get busy, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. It’s easy for the “industry” in “creative industry” to loom

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“Digital Revolution” in London

With its post-apocalyptic looks and lost bits of nature, London’s Barbican Estate deserves a blog post all its own, but I wanted to share my experience with “Digital Revolution,” a unique exhibition hosted in its depths at the Barbican Centre.

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Mise en Scène and the Extra D

3D is fast becoming an expectation of how we want to consume media – a differentiator between old and new technologies and existing and emerging experience paradigms. The public is thoroughly embracing a shift towards media that offers a greater

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One Way Ticket: BOS to PDX

Next stop: Portland. The Pacific Northwest. The Other Side of the Country. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. All names for the same place, if you’ve never been to Oregon before. (And fording a herd of oxen across the river doesn’t count.)

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Do You See Data All Around You?

We’re fascinated by the intersection of big data and storytelling. Our culture is now supersaturated with colossal reams of information, and it’s all we can do to stay afloat and make sense of it all. There’s a demand for interpretation, and new t…

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Uncharted Territory

This past weekend, Second Story created a reactive media experience for the TEDx Portland afterparty at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. For one night only, partygoers charted new landscapes from their movements. That day, TEDx Portland had p…

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Infinite Creativity at FITC Amsterdam

Last week I travelled to Amsterdam to speak at the FITC conference. In addition to speaking, I also installed a new iteration of the Infinite Creativity experience. We originally installed this at The Tech Museum in San Jose and at Adobe Max ’11. …

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Universal Principles

Recently, while watching Gary Hustwit’s Objectified, I was reintroduced to the master industrial designer Dieter Rams’ “Ten Commandments” of design. Good design is innovativeGood design makes a product usefulGood design is aestheticGood design mak…

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Building on an Artist’s Words; developing a visual concept for Henri Cartier-Bresson The Modern Century

Henri Cartier-Bresson was a leading voice in the art of 20th century photographic storytelling. Second Story’s challenge was to create a website that celebrates his rich, evocative portfolio in a way that was accessible to a broad swath of online …

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NYBG illustration process

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