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Finding The Heart of “100 Years of Design”

Last May, we had the opportunity to partner with AIGA, a longtime collaborator and dream client, on a new microsite to commemorate their centennial and celebrate the last 100 years of American design. Our first reaction was excitement: as designers

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100 Years of Design

In 1914, a small group of designers inaugurated what became the American Institute of Graphic Arts. One hundred years later, Second Story has collaborated with AIGA to create a centennial microsite that celebrates the profound impact design has had on

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Storytelling Workshop: Using Fiction and Humor To Confront Emerging Challenges

Last month I had the pleasure of teaching a storytelling workshop to a group of students enrolled in the Collaborative Design MFA program at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA). The students in this program are focused on cultivating

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Historical Voices from North Carolina

Visitors to the Emerging Issues Commons may be drawn in by large-scale displays visualizing data, interactive tables enabling them to add their own suggestions for how to improve North Carolina’s future, or the voice of Governor Hunt greeting them from the

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Animated Graphics in the Mainstream

The importance of data and its display have been in the media of late. I’m thinking about the recent NY Times review of the Tesla S and CEO Elon Musk’s response to the negative press, complete with his own logs

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The Uncanny Valley of Authenticity

One of our internal teams was recently iterating on a late stage conceptual design for a museum project that focused on historical changes during a specific time period and ultimately ended up with an interesting group collaborative experience. (G…

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Making Soap

Here at Second Story, we pride ourselves on pushing the edges of existing technologies. But we also know how to create things using old-school methods. Back in our Media Lab – a place where multi-touch tables and depth sensing reactive displays re…

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A New Kind of Experience… er, Application

I’ve been developing technology based experiences in museums for the better part of two decades and I love seeing the evolution of experiences not only from the museum-perspective but as part of a change in our audiences. Visitors have become more…

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Notes on Content (and Design)

If you were starting a new magazine, where would you start? You’d probably have a big thematic idea about what your magazine was about and would be thinking about structure. And you would almost certainly be in contact with writers and photographe…

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Spending Time with

Back in May, a production team from paid a visit to Second Story and spent about a week quizzing us on process and creativity. The week of interviews resulted in a mini documentary chronicling life at the studio. The video becomes the ne…

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