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Historical Voices from North Carolina

Visitors to the Emerging Issues Commons may be drawn in by large-scale displays visualizing data, interactive tables enabling them to add their own suggestions for how to improve North Carolina’s future, or the voice of Governor Hunt greeting them from the

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One State, Ten Days, Many Voices

For two weeks in April 2012, Second Story creative director David Waingarten and his crew, Jefe Greenheart and Kirsten Southwell, set out on a whirlwind tour of North Carolina. Their mission: to capture stories of real citizens speaking about issu…

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Taking it to the Streets: Rapid Prototyping and Usability with a Group Interactive

You hear these phrases so often in design and development circles they have become clichés—”get real fast” and “fail early, fail fast, fail often.” As ubiquitous as these sayings have become, there is a reason for this: They’re true. Here, we’ve f…

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Getting Real Faster

This year at Second Story one of the things we’ve been challenging ourselves to do is “get real faster.” In creating interactive experiences we’ve always created proof of concepts and prototypes, but this year we’re trying to do this earlier in ou…

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