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Balancing Spectacle with the Everyday

In a passage from John Thackara’s book, In The Bubble: Designing in a Complex World, he takes a critical stance against place marketing and describes his vision for an alternative, more sustainable approach to the design of cities: “A sustainable

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Best Interactive Technologies from CES 2012

Engineer Matt Arnold attended CES 2012 and returned with a briefcase full of interesting impressions, which he shared with the studio this week. Here’s a list of the most promising interactive technologies he experienced at the conference. 3M Mult…

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Developing the Next Talkie

If you haven’t seen the 1952 movie Singin’ in the Rain, well, I envy you, because you can only see it for the first time once. Aside from being one of my favorite films, I’ve found that to be a great look at the collaborative creative process, esp…

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