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“Digital Revolution” in London

With its post-apocalyptic looks and lost bits of nature, London’s Barbican Estate deserves a blog post all its own, but I wanted to share my experience with “Digital Revolution,” a unique exhibition hosted in its depths at the Barbican Centre.

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Balancing Spectacle with the Everyday

In a passage from John Thackara’s book, In The Bubble: Designing in a Complex World, he takes a critical stance against place marketing and describes his vision for an alternative, more sustainable approach to the design of cities: “A sustainable

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Everyone Needs a Good Listener: Theater as a Foundation for Interaction Paradigms

The last ten years have changed the way most people on the planet use, depend on and intuit technology. Advances in mobile devices and tablets have changed the expectations of users across the board. We have all learned a new

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2013 Design Research Conference

Design research is one of those concepts that can have multiple meanings depending on how you want to approach it. I’ve generally considered design research to be any work we do to understand the contexts of our design and the

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Books and Interactivity Redux (Samovar Edition)

Last year, when I wrote about the future of the interactive book, I had read books on smartphones. But now I have an iPad, and it’s been an entirely different reading experience. Man, do I love it. The Kindle may be light, use e-ink, and have insa…

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Experience vs. Interaction

In the last couple of days I was having a side-conversation discussing technologies that were once great but died out for any number of reasons. One that I’ve mentally kept mentally circling back to are the Automats of the northeast, with perhaps …

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