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Let’s Play!

Meaningful audience engagement is an experience designer’s ultimate goal. However, we are often designing for a very broad demographic, or—due to the novelty of many of our experiences—a demographic that we know very little about. So how do we design

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Passing by the Wave

One of the keys to a successful interactive experience is providing a little something for everyone. Typically, members of the audience for an interactive installation will vary in their desire to invest time and attention. An individual may have a keen interest in

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Mobile Case Study

Second Story is deepening its physical design and environments practice by offering industrial design services to our clientele. We aim to be innovative, designing physical solutions to elevate digital interactive experiences, but our work sometimes requires practical, engineered solutions to

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Visualizing 3D Environments

Projects often demand the integration of digital media and the spaces that they occupy. This means that there is no clear boundary between the design and engineering when we’re realizing a project. Each discipline, from interaction design, archite…

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One State, Ten Days, Many Voices

For two weeks in April 2012, Second Story creative director David Waingarten and his crew, Jefe Greenheart and Kirsten Southwell, set out on a whirlwind tour of North Carolina. Their mission: to capture stories of real citizens speaking about issu…

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Creativity in Motion

It began with a full-studio, open brainstorm and ended ten days later with a 40-foot-long, floor-to-ceiling interactive sculpture. The studio was alive with an interdisciplinary effort that combined the analog (sewing, model-making, silk-screening…

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Taking it to the Streets: Rapid Prototyping and Usability with a Group Interactive

You hear these phrases so often in design and development circles they have become clichés—”get real fast” and “fail early, fail fast, fail often.” As ubiquitous as these sayings have become, there is a reason for this: They’re true. Here, we’ve f…

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Designing Dramaturgy

In December of 2011, I traveled to Atlanta to help install 12 interactives for the new Vault of the Secret Formula at the World of Coca-Cola. I was deeply involved in this project for about eight months, and watched it grow from feverish conceptua…

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Using iPads for Kiosks

The iPad is a great bit of tablet hardware — it’s got a great multitouch sensor, a pretty zippy processor, built in WiFi, etc. No one thing is the kicker, but it’s the combination of all the things in one simple form factor that make it pretty com…

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HOW Interactive Design Conference Presentation

By popular demand, we’ve posted Julie Beeler’s talk on multi-disciplinary design collaboration delivered earlier today at the HOW Interactive Design Conference in San Francisco. The slideshow is posted here. Large-scale interactive projects often …

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