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2013 Design Research Conference

Design research is one of those concepts that can have multiple meanings depending on how you want to approach it. I’ve generally considered design research to be any work we do to understand the contexts of our design and the

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Historical Voices from North Carolina

Visitors to the Emerging Issues Commons may be drawn in by large-scale displays visualizing data, interactive tables enabling them to add their own suggestions for how to improve North Carolina’s future, or the voice of Governor Hunt greeting them from the

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Research and design at 2S

Recently a graphic design student asked a few questions for a paper she is writing on Second Story. Here’s my response: How much research is put into developing certain designs, such as the Age of Mammals Specimen Interactives? Many of our clients…

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Universal Principles

Recently, while watching Gary Hustwit’s Objectified, I was reintroduced to the master industrial designer Dieter Rams’ “Ten Commandments” of design. Good design is innovativeGood design makes a product usefulGood design is aestheticGood design mak…

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